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Social Media Marketing for 2016: Importance of Trends

In recent years, marketers have shifted their attention to social media sites, and for a good reason. With the ever-growing activities, technological innovations, and the number of growing users, social media platforms are proving fruitful for brands. In the course of the past few years, social media sites have increased their user-friendliness, and have driven marketing to a whole new level. Moreover, programmers and advertisers are quickly developing new tools to ease the selection and purchasing process for customers, while inventing new and creative streams for advertising and capitalization.

However, adapting to the rapidly evolving technological changes does not come easily to all. While such innovations are proceeding in an unprecedented rate, the migration of traffic from one social media platform to the next may seem even more rapid for some. To keep up with the trends here are certain factors to bear in mind while planning your 2016 marketing strategy.

Observe and analyze the rising trends and the demands of the public, and stay flexible to the constantly changing media traffic. 

Study the demographics of social networking sites, and employ analytics tools for prediction analysis. Currently, there are five social networking sites with more than 300 million monthly active users. This might create the illusion that these five social media sites are equally qualified for your brand’s product advertisement needs. After all, they can all ensure an audience of 300 million, correct? Wrong. Each of these social media platforms requires different marketing approaches and strategies, and each needs to be carefully explored. Moreover, each of these sites offers a different demographic composition.

Let’s look at the Facebook demographics; 72% of adults online, and 31% of US senior citizens use or have Facebook accounts. No surprise to some, as the adult demographic increases its presence on Facebook, the teenage demographic slowly seeks an exit strategy, and it has been observed, migrates to other social networking sites or even messaging apps. So, if you are looking to cater or advertise to the more youthful demographic online, you may look into advertising strategies on certain apps, or social media sites with a large youth demographic, like Instagram, with 90% of users younger than 35, or Whatsapp, with 800 million young users, while increasing your adult targeted advertising on Facebook.

On the other hand, while Pinterest has relatively fewer users, it is proving to be the platform with the biggest percentage of potential buyers. With 72.8 million users, 85% of which are female, and 42% adult females, this platform may be the perfect outlet for women targeted e-commerce brands and businesses.

Twitter is also developing into a purchasing powerhouse. With its newly introduced “Buy Button”, which allows users to buy products directly from Twitter, more and more users are showing purchasing activity and preference. For brands with mobile responsive design, Twitter is evolving into the ideal advertising platform, and for customers it presents ease of use. Customers can review the item, read description and details, and purchase it without using an external link, while brands can present their products in a simple, comprehensive, and targeted manner.

As you can see, while it is essential to stay alert and flexible in today’s fast-moving market, knowing the trends that are dominating the internet can help brand’s recognize, reach, and communicate with the right audience, converting them into customers. Moreover, with the right analytic tools, brands can accomplish this with efficiency, assuring a high ROI.

Source: http://www.inexxus.com/blog/social-media-marketing-for-2016-importance-of-trends

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