Why in 2020, your best return on investment could be your website.

At TwoRedPens Marketing Agency, we have encountered several local businesses who either do not have a website or are running a website that hasn’t been maintained since it was established.

Like a vehicle maintenance plan, we believe in offering our clients a website maintenance retainer which will not only maintain the website, but constantly improvet to ensure the website is always running optimally. As a business owner, you would want peace of mind to know that your website experiences no downtime as potential customers constantly online. Your website is your company profile.

Why do I need a website, one may still ask in this day and age. I extracted these benefits below as to why you need a website from an article on Xtream Ways

Primary reasons for having a website are:

  • Importance for marketing
  • importance for increasing sales
  • builds the customer trust factor
  • accessible 24>7
  • making the correct first impression
  • It’s cost-effective with positive ROI
  • convenient for customers & accessible
  • builds connections with customers
  • provides a data center
  • enables self-service customer support
  • low-cost advertising
  • Increases company visibility
  • Engages users with content
  • thinking of customers putting them first
  • get important feedback from customers
  • beat competition via SEO

The full article can be read here: https://xtreamwayz.com/importance-of-a-website/

As a business, your main source of traffic is your website when your online and it is where most of your customers will go to, to draw more information your business offering. As we are in the first month of 2020, make sure your website is hitting all the right objectives. Ensure your first impression to online shoppers is a memorable one.

Do you believe that your website is your online shopfront?