TwoRedPens Marketing Agency strategic partnership
with InfoSec Enforcer to help businesses becoming
POPIA compliant.


No matter what kind of company you run, public, private, non-profit, any other, you’ve surely heard of the new privacy law, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA or POPI Act). While the POPI Act became effective as of July 2020, you have 12 months to full compliance, i.e. June 30, 2021. Action can only be taken against non-compliant parties in the form of hefty penalties of upto R 10 Million, few small- to medium-sized businesses can afford. Additionally, the CEOs or Directors may go to prison.

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Bowline Security in partnership with InfoSecEnforcer can get prepared well in advance – your complete solution for POPI Act compliance. With our software and deployment services, you can quickly get compliant and be ready for the POPI Act, today. We’re talking about a comprehensive turnkey solution that’s faster, cheaper, and better than other roads to compliance.

Why InfoSecEnforcer?

  • Rapid Compliance & Rollout
  • Custom Web Intake Form
  • Direct Marketing Opt-out or Opt-in
  • Multi-User Work Flow
  • Toll Free Automated Intake
  • Privacy compliance framework
  • Request Tracking & Alerts
  • Privacy Breach Prevention
  • Secure Responses to Consumers
  • Predefined Response Templates
  • Backed by Proven Case Studies
  • And So Much More
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