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Launching a hashtag campaign is one of the best ways to create brand awareness on social media. Regardless if you are launching a new product or service or looking to get more clients, the hashtag is the way to go. With more customers turning to online shopping, it is important that your business reaches the appropriate online audience and resonates with them. Two Red Pens is launching the What the Hash campaign this month to highlight the importance and proper usage of the hashtag.

What is a hashtag?

One uses the ‘#’ symbol as a tag when posting on social media to gain traction for your brand or as a marketing initiative. Social media users rely on #tags to find interesting topics. So, if you know what tags potential clients use, it is easy to build your social media campaign around their interests and needs to reach the desired audience. #tag campaigns equal brand awareness, engagement and driving traffic to your site.

Why is it important?

Simply posting content about your product/services on social media may not get you noticed. But the right #tag can!

If you are a new business, using the right #tags can quite quickly get you a large following and lead to brand enhancement.

Engaging with your audience via a #tag campaign is a great way to conduct business on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Do’s and don’ts of a hashtag

Do your research

It is important to do research in order to create a new hashtag to go viral. Your tag should stand out and not being used by someone else. Determine what message you want to send with your #tag and make it unique to your brand.

Don’t overcomplicate it

Keep it short and sweet. Long and overly complicated #tags are too formal for social media. The ideal #tag should be quick to read and share and concise. Ideally stick to 10 – 20 characters to make it easy for clients to engage. Your #tags should make clients curious about your campaign and eager to learn more.

Do create a hype

It is crucial to be excited about your #tag campaign. Others will then get excited too and share your campaign. Keep your #tag interesting in order to evoke something for people. Remember to send out a clear message about your services/products.

Don’t use more than one hashtag in a campaign

Sometimes brand may use another brand’s #tag to reel in numbers. Don’t fall into this trap of using more than one hashtag in your campaign. You might confuse people and potentially send your clients to another business.

Join #teamtworedpens Did you know you get high, medium and low value #tags? Each have their own use and comes with different types of followers. The team at Two Red Pens spends hours researching what #tags are relevant to your business and how to best use them. Regardless of your type of business, people are bound to talk. So, give them something to talk about with Two Red Pens creative online marketing agency.

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